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Baked Pear (Or Apple)

These cinnamon baked pears are great way to enjoy a sweet treat while on a cleanse. Its simple and would make your house smell like the holidays. is recipe will work well with apples or any stone fruit too.

Fruit Sorbet

Sorbets are easy to make and you do not even need an ice cream maker to make them. They are a sweet healthy treat made from real fruits that can be made in your blender or food processor. Pick fruits that are in season since they are naturally sweet and does not require any added sugar. If you desire more sweetness you can always add a little monk fruit sugar. While on the program be mindful of the type of fruit you will be using and avoid high sugar fruits.

Frozen Banana Ice Cream

Frozen fruit ice creams and sorbets made from real fruits are the best way to enjoy something sweet while still eating healthy. They provide no refined sugar while providing your body with superfoods and whole food nutrition. Bananas make a creamy rich ice cream due to its high pectin content. Even during a detox program, this ice cream remains a favorite allowing me to indulge my sweet tooth without the guilt.

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