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Dr. Roberto Tostado

monk fruit nutrition

Dr. Roberto Tostado has been a board certified physician in family medicine, regenerative and anti-aging medicine for over 23 years. He is certified by the American Academy of Restorative Medicine and a fellow of Nutritional and Digestive Medicine. A graduate of Columbia University, University of Michigan Medical School, and University of Southern California’s residency program at the California Medical Center.

He has witnessed first hand the damage done by excessive sugar consumption and wanted a product that could help both his patients and his family.

Existing artificial chemical sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, etc. seemed  linked to neurotoxicity and chronic disease. Dr. Tostado needed a product that not only tasted sweet but was also a health promoter for his patients.

Dr. Tostado considered Stevia, however it had a bitter aftertaste that was too strong for many of his patients.

He finally settled on monk fruit. Monk fruit has a number of health promoting benefits and none of the toxicities associated with artificial sweeteners.

However, his work was just beginning!

He made a substantial investment and spent a number of years in development to create a sugar-free sweetener without any solvents such as hexane and with virtually no aftertaste.

Thankfully he succeeded!

Dr. Tostado was so happy with his USDA certified organic sugar-free sweetener that he couldn't stop grinning! We decided to name the company the 'The Grinning Monk' in his honour!

His monk fruit sweetener is absolutely unique in the market and is of the highest quality. 

We hope you enjoy Dr. Tostado's sugar-free monk fruit sweetener as much as we do. 

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